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Monday, 29 June 2015

The piano.
In a long forgotten hall an old man sat at a piano, but this hall was not forgotten by this man because this hall is where he meet his true love, his wife. He was dancing alone one time, as he saw a little old lady sitting by herself, so he went over to her and asked her to dance, she said yes and ever since they were together.

They got married and they were as happy as ever. Sadly in july 31st she past away and the man was lonely from then on. He was sad and the only viester he ever had was his grandson and the nurse.

On the piano the man played the only song song his wife knew how to play. This song Was very special to him. This song brings back so many memories of his past one is of his wife. as he played alone all of a sudden a hand took over from one of his hands, as they took each others hands he were happy because he new his wife was around, as they played she kissed him on the cheek and dissipated, but not in his heart.

The next thing he was of to the next memory of his past.

By Tess.

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  1. Hi Tess, I love this story about the piano and it's a very sad story. Great work, but you need to work on your capital letters. Well Done!